Local organic produce right to your door

TC Farm Offers Four Different Organic Produce Boxes Each Week!

TC Farm's produce CSA is a little different. We focus on the highest quality produce and deliver right to your door every week. Or every other week. Or whenever works best for you. There is no year-long commitment or penalty for going on vacation!

Not every household enjoys exactly the same food at the same time as everyone else.

Each week you can pick and choose the type of produce that is best for you.

More than just produce

Each week, our members also learn more

Tips, Farmer Profiles and More

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Each delivery, we'll include tips about cooking, profiles about the farmers raising the produce more information about the growing season and more!

See What's Coming Next

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Each week, our members can see what produce is coming the following week.

That way you can add another box, swap out a box or even skip a week!

Recipe Ideas Too!

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Each week, we include a bunch of recipes featuring that week's produce! Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned pro looking for inspiration, we're here to help!

A bit more about why we do it

See for yourself what we've been up to!

Here's what we delivered to our members most recently. And what's coming next!

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    December 12-17 Delivery

    Local napa cabbage, spaghetti squash, kennebec potatoes mixed with green beans, cucumbers pears, blueberries and more!

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    December 19-21 Delivery

    Local storage crops like squash, onions, potatoes, carrots and radishes mix with fresh citrus, leafy greens and kitchen staples like broccoli and zucchini in this week's shares.