How TC Farm Works

We've been getting TC Farm for over a year now. We're in love. It's so easy to customize or add to our order. The quality and the ethical production of the meat make it a no brainer for our family. The customer service is superb.

TC Farm Delivers

TC Farm is a cooperative style group of farmers and families who want the very best food.

Each member lets us know the kind of foods they enjoy so that we know what to raise for their household.

We'll make recommendations for your deliveries based on what you tell us. But don't worry, you can customize each order. Add what you like. Remove the things you don't need. What you get is always up to you.

Going to be out of town or don't need as much? You can skip any delivery, too!

We have convenient home deliveries. You can get food once a week, every other week or once a month. Whatever fits you best!

Our Home Delivery Area

"Apart from literally being blown away by the wind Tuesday, I just got my TC Farm delivery and am blown away! AGAIN! Your product is awesome and everything that I want as a customer. The fruit box contains items I never knew I wanted! And never buy for myself! Can't wait to try barley beef ribeye steaks tonight."