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4% discounts and advance reservations for members of TC: Prime

Posted on Jan 21, 2016 by Jack McCann
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Simply make a $499 pre-payment / deposit and you'll earn:

  • An extra 4% discount on your meat deliveries (6.25% total)
  • First chance to order our seasonal and premium offerings (Lambs, Turkey, Forest Hog, etc)
  • First chance at tickets for special events (TC Farm dinner, taste testing, etc)

The $499 payment is NOT a fee, it is a pre-payment that is kept on deposit in your account. You will continue to make your regular monthly payments.

Consider this: 
If your budget is $125 per month, you'll save $60 per year. Your savings account would have to earn 12% interest to compete with TC: Prime!

To Join

Click here to join.  Be sure to include your member number when signing up!


  • The $499 prime extra pre-payment is a one time charge, not an annual fee.
  • You will continue to make your normal monthly payments.
  • In the event you cancel either your membership or your prime membership, the $499 will be returned to you through subsequent product deliveries after your monthly payment is suspended. Our credit card system doesn't allow us to refund payments past 60 days old, so no cash refunds are available, this is a extra pre-payment, not a cash refundable deposit. You may, however, choose to suspend your regular payments until this pre-payment is used up if you decide to leave this program. 

Questions?  Please post questions or comments below!

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