What you should know about veggie CSAs

Now is the time to register if you haven't already

Posted on Jan 29, 2017 by Jack McCann
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Why a veggie CSA?

Washing and Weighing Heirloom Carrots

Much like TC Farm and how we offer a variety of meats, locally raised the right way, vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships are a great way to feed your family and support sustainable farming.  A lot of our members supplement their meat subscriptions with a membership in a vegetable CSA.  While you can join TC Farm year round, often vegetable CSAs have signup windows.

Every year we have members who are disappointed that a veggie CSA sold out -- Now is the time to register if you haven't, the season is about to start!

Great Reasons to Join a Veggie CSA

  1. You can't get better produce.  One of the reasons Betsy and I started our farm was because we grew some heirloom lettuce that was so amazing tasting -- we literally ate it with just a bit of salt and LOVED it. You can't buy veggies like this in the store.
  2. Learn to cook. There is no better way to enhance your cooking skills than an 18 week boot camp full of amazing veggies.  
  3. A bit of summer in winter. We know that some weeks we'll be unable to keep up with cooking everything we get with a veggie CSA -- but perhaps the best part of a veggie CSA is when you freeze the peppers, tomatoes and other amazingness. I can't tell you how good that tomato soup will taste in January with real summer tomatoes. 
  4. Value. Veggie CSAs aren't super cheap, but they are usually a great value. Especially if being a member gets you to cook a couple more meals at home this summer! 

Where to join?

We recommend checking out the Land Stewardship CSA directory -- it is the most comprehensive listing of CSAs in the area. 

Here are some veggie CSAs we recommend checking out. Most of these are expanding this year which is why they have room for new members:

Sleepy Root Farm

We know Brandon from when he (and we) were just starting out. He and Heather bought farm just over the boarder in WI.

Here is a link to their website 

Pickup Locations

Sweet Beet Farm

Amelia has been very helpful over the years with our CSA -- she used to help us every month put our packages together and collaborate on ways to streamline TC Farm.  

Nick is a great help as well on our neighbor's farm who raises pork, lamb, chicken and turkey for TC Farm!

Here is a link to their website.

Pickup Locations

  • Watertown
  • Buffalo
  • Minnetonka (394/Plymouth)
  • Montrose
  • St. Boni
  • Long Lake

** Home delivery option 

Loon Organics

I know Laura from the LSP farm beginnings budgeting class we both taught for years.  I really enjoyed her presentation and if I am honest was more than a little envious of her organizational skills!  

I admire how much Loon Organics is working to expand organic, local and high quality food both directly and indirectly in Minnesota.

Here is a link to their website

Pickup Locations

Fox and Fawn

We know Red and Nina because they were expecting their first child at the same time as we were.  EXACTLY the same time...  and had the same midwife who continually got us confused when we talked since we both were starting our organic farms as well!

They are fantastic friends even if we are both a little too busy at this stage of life to hang out enough.

They have very limited shares, so join early if you want to be part of their farm.

Someday if I can convince them to share, you may see their nuts and berries in a TC Farm delivery too! 

Here is a link to their website

Pickup Locations

  • Hopkins
  • Victoria
  • Excelsior
  • Chaska
  • Chanhassen
  • St. Louis Park

If you run an organic veggie CSA or have another favorite farm, let us know so we can feature you too! 

What are your tips?

Please share the names and websites of other recommended Veggie CSA farms in the comment section.

Also please post tips to those who may be trying a Veggie CSA for the first time this year!  

(Or simply click the share button below to remind your friends about veggie CSAs!)

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