Candle, Soap and Lotion Sampler

Posted on Feb 25, 2017 by Jack McCann
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Only the best

We started TC Farm because we wanted the best food for our family and were frustrated with even the little shortcuts others were taking.  Naturally, this lead us on a quest for home and bath products that are actually good for our family and the environment.

Frankly, the biggest push to get better home/bath products came from reading Sarah's Take Care Guide books.  They are short books, but full of research and stories that are rather compelling.  

We decided we needed to make our own products and have spent the last few years experimenting using traditional techniques and the best ingredients ... including our own high-vitamin TC Farm tallow. 

The results are pretty amazing.

The Deal

You'll save $28

We've put together a sample package that includes a wide range of products at a significant discount.

The benefit to us is that once you try these items out, we are sure you'll love then and want to order more of your favorites. 

What's Included?

  1. The Home Environment and Body Care books from Take Care Guide. They are quick reads and really a great resource for WHY it matters to get more traditionally made products. We are contributing to the food book in this series. 
  2. Candle:  We use 100% paper/cotton wicks, organic essential oils fragrance and a long lasting natural wax (beeswax, TC Farm tallow and coconut). Most others have heavy metal in the wicks like toxic lead (really!). Their synthetic fragrances and waxes release highly questionable chemicals in the air in significant quantities. 
  3. Bar and Liquid Soaps: Our soaps are traditionally made and use organic essential oils for fragrance. Our goals with the bar soap were to make high-quality, long-lasting bars that lathers, cleans and conditions well. The liquid soap cleans very well with just a small amount, yet is gentle on your hands. Other soaps usually have parabens and are formulated in a way that makes them cheap, but harsh on your skin. 
  4. Lotion / Balm:  Our balm works well for every day use and if you're used to commercial lotions, you'll be shocked at how well it works. The key to repairing dry skin is to add back the protective fats used in our cell membranes. The perfect fats for this are cocoa butter and tallow. Like all our other products we also use organic essential oils.  Unlike most other lotions, we don't use funny chemicals or water. 

Delivery Options

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Delivered directly to your house.

Heck... you're saving on this special sampler... go ahead and invest some of that to get the package dropped off on your doorstep instead. 

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