Liquid Soap Foaming Dispensers

Posted on Apr 20, 2017 by Jack McCann
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Especially with kids, having a foaming soap dispenser is a great idea.  

Here are the key perks of getting a reusable foamer:

  • Use less soap, but still get just as clean
  • Saves water (no need to wet hands first and then watch kids run the water for 5 min while scrubbing. The soap comes out with just the right amount of water)
  • Better value: buying 'foaming' soap in the store is a waste of money -- it is 20% soap and 80% water -- get a refillable dispenser and buy regular liquid soap instead. 

How it works

Just fill up the dispenser 20-25% full with liquid soap and top off with water. You'll want to shake it around and it might not perfectly dissolve, but it is easy to shake back up again later if desired.

Then when you need to wash your hands, just pump the soap/water foam mixture directly onto your dry hands, scrub and rinse off. 

If your kids pump the soap too many times (for fun?), no problem.  They didn't really waste too much soap because it was diluted with water and easy to clean up. 

TC Farm liquid Soap

I'll include some liquid soap in our new home/body care sample package now available.

In the near future, I'll have refill sized liquid soap for sale too!  

Go on, try it -- it smells amazing, cleans well and is so gentle on your skin. 

I tried three different reusable foamer pumps from Amazon. 

This one is probably my favorite. It is larger, made of high quality materials and looks pretty nice. 

There were much more economical, but are 100% plastic and feel closer to the disposable dispensers you'd buy in a store.  However, they work well and the plastic seems to be a decent quality. 

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