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Throwing less away feels so much better

Posted on Dec 19, 2017 by Jack McCann
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An old friend was missing something in her home that seemed like the strangest thing:

No paper towels.

Years ago, we just didn't understand how you'd clean up anything in your house without paper towels.

Now, we find that EVER using paper towels or napkins is what feels strange.

Problems with Paper

Here are some key things to consider about paper napkins/towels:

  • Not enjoyable to use
  • Relatively poor quality (fall apart)
  • Usually wind up in landfills (not recyclable)
  • Require loads of water, bleach and trees

Cloth is great

I'll admit, it took a few years before we fully stopped using paper products.

However, it really is simple and easy.

Instead of a paper towel roll, we have a small basket of clean cotton cloths.

Instead of paper napkins, we have a variety of cloth ones.

Once a cloth or napkin is used, we just put it directly into the laundry machine. It gets washed with whatever the next cycle is and put back to its place after.

That's it. Super simple.

  • more luxurious meals (every meal is fancy)
  • better clean up
  • save money
  • better for the environment


Clean up

We've usedthese clothsas baby wipes and love them for every day clean up, child napkins, etc.

They are soft, last forever and are made of organic cotton.

We have 4 packs and simply rotate.

We also have a pack of these that we use for 'dirtier' jobs like cleaning up the floor or anything greasy. Having two different types is kind of nice.


There are a million options for cloth napkins at Amazon, but here are a few we've used.

Mirrors and Household

For mirrors or bathroom clean up, we recommend getting a micro-fiber cloth. They work really well with just water, no soap or 'glass spray' to buy.

We bought the larger household kit and probably need to replace every few years.


Nothing is worse than trying to clean windows with a spray and paper towels.

Just get a squeegee and you'll be so happy. Seriously.

Other Suggestions?

What other simple things happen in your home that others might like to hear about?

Comments (2)

  1. Matt:
    Jan 02, 2018 at 10:46 AM

    Just be sure to use the squeegee method of cleaning windows on the outside of the window!

  2. Jack McCann:
    Jan 02, 2018 at 10:59 AM

    Right?!? I actually still use it on the inside, I don't leave a LOT of water on the glass. While some drips down to the windowsill, I just wipe that up and view it as a nice way to wash the windowsill too!

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