Farm Tour - July 14, 2018

Great for families - Tours starting 10am - 3pm

Posted on Jul 03, 2018 by Jack McCann

Farm Tour: July 14 - 2018

(Note 2019 tour is July 13th and only at the TC Farm South Location

We are excited to participate in this year's Annual Co-op Farm Tour on July 14th. The local cooperative grocery stores organize the tour and there are also some great veggie farms out by us participating as well. Please make time to stop by and say hello!

In order to have more tours and space for guests, we will have two TC Farm locations participating in this year's tour! They are labeled TC Farm West and TC Farm South on the Farm Tour Guide book, which you can find here.

The Farm tour is open to the public with tours taking place every hour starting at 10am.

LAST TOUR is 3pm.

With over 30 farms on the tour, this is a fantastic way to get connected with the farmers who are raising your food and see for yourself as well as getting a chance to ask any questions you might have!

Hope to see you soon... tell your friends!

Two TC Farm Locations

TC Farm West and TC Farm South

The two TC Farm's on this year's tour are listed as TC Farm West and TC Farm South:

32. TC Farm West
10389 Baker Avenue SW
Montrose, MN 55363

You will find pasture raised pigs, Randall cattle, and horned Dorsett sheep,

25. TC Farm South
12456 Bagley Ave.
Dundas, MN 55019

On this farm, you will find free ranging TC Farm laying hens and broilers. They also raise a small number of pigs for their own use and have a great guardian dog too!

What to Bring

  1. Boots -- Boots are a great idea. You are going to be touring farms which may not work so well with your best shoes.
  2. Bug spray -- Might be a nice idea, really depends on the weather and cloud cover.
  3. An umbrella - For shade, it will be hot
  4. Food -- You may have other farms you'd like to run off and visit. However, you are also welcome to stay at our farms and have a picnic with your family.
  5. Picnic blanket and chairs -- we will NOT have chairs or blankets for everyone, so plan ahead!
  6. Questions -- Do you have questions for farmers about where your food comes from or how things are raised? Getting to see farms up close and personal helps everyone in the community feel more connected to their food sources. If you have questions, any farmers would love to answer them!!
  7. Water bottle / Drinks - We will have water to refill your bottles, please be sure to hydrate on a hot sunny day. Bring any other drinks that you'd enjoy too!

Oh -- and don't forget to bring a friend too!

More info about the Co-Op Farm Tour

You can learn more about the Co-Op Farm Tour by visiting their Facebook page or their website.

Most families make a day of it, visiting several other farms along the way!

Map to All Locations

Remember, we are location 4 in the West grouping (salmon color) and location 4 in the South grouping (orange color) on the overall map.

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