Member Discounts for 2019

Ways to save up to 7.5 percent on every delivery

Posted on Apr 30, 2019 by Jack McCann
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Never Standing Still

Our members who've watched the farm grow over years know that we are always looking for ways to make things better for everyone.

Over the year, we've:

  • increased our pickup sites to over 70 across the metro area.
  • introduced a simpler to use member portal to view past and future orders
  • introduced add-ons of fruits, breads and mushrooms
  • introduced cornish cross chickens as an option for our members watching their budgets

Member Discounts in 2019 - save up to 7.5%

Our members can decide for themselves how much of a deposit they want to make when signing up. Members who make bigger deposits get bigger discounts on every meat delivery.

Our three levels of deposits are:

  • $49 deposit: No discount on meat.
  • $299 pre-payment deposit: 2% off every pound of meat delivered.
  • $899 pre-payment deposit: 6% off every pound of meat delivered.

Members who want to take a more active role supporting the farm and our mission can always increase their deposit level later.

This allows new members to pick the path that's right for them. For for those where a larger deposit isn't a great fit, the $49 entry point might be perfect. For those who want to help support the farm or are getting over one dollars of meat each month, that 6% discount is a great return on your investment.

Members with larger deposits can lower their deposits back to the $49 (original) amount to make those funds available for ordering food if they wish. If you decide to leave TC Farm, we return any remaining deposit over the $49 refundable deposit back into your TC Farm account to use towards food after your cancellation period.

Save 1.5% with ACH (Automated check handling)

Opt in to paying via a checking or savings account and you'll receive an extra 1.5% discount as well. That's a chance to save 7.5% on every delivery.

We have a "new member information" section in the member portal where we show you, step by step, how to change your deposit or add ACH.

We look forward to continuing to find ways to put safe, healthy, ethically and sustainably raised meats you can trust on more tables in 2019. We've got some exciting things in the works and are looking forward to seeing you throughout the year.


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