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Posted on Jul 29, 2019 by Jack McCann
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Every week we post recipes and cooking lists so you can hit the ground running with healthy and easy meals!

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Aug Meal Plan Bundle

39 lbs avg

Box All the August Featured Items

Everything you need to follow along

Add this to your cart and then modify your delivery if you wish to remove some of the items AFTER adding to your cart.

Ground Pork

5.1 lbs avg

Box 107

Sweet and flavorful, a light tasting alternative to ground beef

  • 5lbs of ground pork (1lb ea)

Click to view our favorite ground pork recipes

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Brat Sampler

5.15 lbs avg

Box 150

On the grill, in the pan, in a dish

5 packs of our favorite non-spicy grill items, including some of the following:
  • Grown up hotdogs
  • Smoked pork brats
  • Kielbasa
  • Wisconsin style brats
  • Italian brats

Unlike grocery brats, we use organic seasoning and all our meat is raised on green pasture with transition or certified organic feed!

The beef brats and hotdog pack are "Uncured" and may be safely stored in the fridge to save freezer space. See details here

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

The Bacon Box

2.2 lbs avg

Box 170

Thick cut, this is what bacon was meant to be

Our bacon is kind of a big deal. 

Slow-smoked, organic-spiced and thick-sliced. You've never had anything this good before!

  • 2 packs of bacon (~1 pound per pack)

This is our American style bacon, consider trying the Euro-style herb bacon without any sugar or celery nitrates - it is super good too!

"Uncured" items with celery powder which are still sealed can be safely stored in the fridge to save freezer space. See details here

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Click here to view ingredients

Italian Sausage

2.05 lbs avg

Box 177

Pizza or pasta night!

  • 2 packs of classic Sweet Italian sausage

These are raw and need to be cooked. They may be 100% pork or a mix of beef and pork. one pound packs, thaw in a bowl.

Click here to view ingredients

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Dry-Aged Ribeye Steaks

3 lbs avg

Box 202

Just ribeye center steaks

Dry-aged ribeye center steaks.

100% grass fed, rotationally grazed and amazing. 

We recommend cooking to medium or more, which for us is around 125ºF and allowing to rest at least 5 minutes to coast up to a temperature of 128-132F depending on your preference.

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary.

Pizza Crusts

3 lbs avg

Box 832

heritage. organic. sourdough

four par baked 11.5" pizza crusts made with sourdough, organic, heritage (non-hybridized) turkey red wheat.

Unless you are eating this within a few days, please keep in the freezer and pull a slice out as needed.

We love collaborating with Travis at Backwards Bread for all of our sourdough. To learn more about what makes this bread unique and healthy, click here.

All bread weights are pre-baking and not net weight.

You may add the bundle above to your cart and then view in your cart to modify as you'd like.

In addition to the items in the bundle, we are also going to be using some chicken and beef gyro that we have around. Add some of these boxes in addition if you need to stock-up on that:

Smoked Turkey Breast - Roast

0.75 lbs avg

Box 160

Pasture Raised and Organic Fed

​One pack of our smoked TC Farm turkey breast, ~12 ounces

Easy to slice into your own amazing deli meat or serve as a main course

Key differences with the Ferndale item we also offer.

TC Farm is:
  • Pasture Raised 
  • Organic fed 
  • Organic seasoning
  • Small outdoor flocks instead of huge barns

Learn more here about the difference between TC Farm and Ferndale Turkey

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Beef Roasts

7.25 lbs avg

Box 206

The ultimate pot roast or BBQ beef

  • 2 dry-aged beef roasts

Roasts are typically 3-4 pounds each.

All these roasts come from the chuck primal, Chuck-Arm roasts are best cooked long and slow like a pot roast. Whereas, Chuck-Chuck Roasts may also be cooked faster, consider our amazing saffron stew recipe.

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

Chicken Thighs - Ranger

2 lbs avg

Box 306

On the grill or as confit - this is the best chicken you've ever had.

  • 4 red ranger chicken thighs (2 per pack)


This is a flat rate box, weight vary.

These are from our famous Red Ranger breed. These will cook up differently than the factory chicken you may be used to. They are fantastic. This is my favorite fresh cut of chicken we offer.

Here are some cooking tips specifically for this cut - hope you enjoy!

Learn more about the two chicken breeds we offer here.

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