Holiday Egg Recipes

Don't forget to stock up!

Posted on Nov 29, 2020 by Jack McCann
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Every year, around this time, it's the same tragic tale:

Members will email (and call) (and text) us around the holiday, realizing they've run short on eggs.
They're about to make something fantastic. They are disappointed their treats won't be the same without real pasture-raised eggs. They call us after we've buttoned up that last delivery and there's nothing we can do! It is heartbreaking.

Don't let that happen to you!

Remember: the last chance to make changes to your December TC Farm delivery is at midnight on Monday. After that, the wheels are in motion. Don't get left short-egged!

If you're a full member, you can add additional eggs right in your cart in the portal.
You might want to consider adding a carton. Or two.
(You know you're going to be baking more and baking = eggs.)

If you're on our waitlist to be a full member, you can get eggs too!
Just fill out the form that was linked to in Saturday's email. Eggactly.

Some Egg Recipes to Get You Thinking

Below we've linked to some of our favorite holiday and egg recipes to enjoy!

If you haven't yet, watch Jack's presentation last week to the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club - there he explains about some differences between our eggs and those not-really-pasture-raised grocery eggs.

Favorite Egg Recipes

Click on the images to view the recipes!

Special Throwback

Back when we started the farm, Betsy made a video about how to make soufflé.

It's not that hard! And something you can check off your 2020 list to say you did something new this year.
You should totally go for it !!

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