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As we say goodbye to 2020, Jack looks back and looks ahead

Posted on Dec 30, 2020 by Jack McCann
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Holiday Meals

This holiday season one of my neighbors organized a holiday meal donation for those in need. They took the initiative to find needy families and organized others to help made holiday meals for a couple of dozen families!

TC Farm donated the smoked turkey and we loved being in a position to help right here in our community. Here is an image of the huge baskets they helped organize:

Looking Back at the Year

What a whirlwind year!

A big THANK YOU to our members for the support and especially to the TC Farm staff, processors and farmers who worked WAY too much this year to provide food to our community. We were able to do so much more this year than we ever would have dreamed at the start of the year. Some of our newer members might not even know how much of this happened just this year!

  • We just started doing home delivery this March (We'd been trying to figure it out for years. Then in March when people couldn't get meat at the store and we had meat, we wanted to get food to people's homes as quickly as we could - somehow we figured it out on the fly and we just kept running!)
  • A huge influx of new members because of all the people suddenly cooking from home
  • Moving to a new warehouse (!!) allowed us to to bundle items better and offer more variety and choices (behind the scenes for our members but a massive change)
  • We started to deliver fish. And fruit and nuts. And soups. And greens. And cheese. And pet treats. And mushroom butter. And monthly sampler packs and a whole host of other stuff too!

Looking Ahead

As challenging as this year has been, I am excited for the opportunities we have in 2021. The produce farmers are excited to finally be a part of our group. I just can’t wait to share all of the plans we have for next year: The start of weekly home delivery and the ability to share all the types of amazing food I love will be a dream come true! Most of these items aren’t available in any grocery and the ones that are, we’re able to offer at a lower price.

TC Farm wants to build a program to provide free or reduced-cost organic food to those in need. We believe that everyone should be able to nourish their family and taste how amazing real food can be. Food insecurity has always been a big issue. It has become worse this past year. Those who are food insecure tend to eat more processed foods and donated foods are less healthy. We want to do something about that.

We have some plans in the works but for now, we're hoping to gauge interest to see when we can pull these off. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Please let us know any ideas you have in the comment section below - we want to do this right!

Your support has built something special!

It’s been ten years since our hobby farm became the beginning of this group. If you watched my presentation on why I left corporate life to start this all (remember, I grew up in the suburbs!) you’ll know how long of a road it has been for all of us at TC Farm and have a good idea of where we’re headed.

Looking at what 2020 drove us to build as a collective group, I am sure 2021 is going to be a big year!

Happy New Year to each of you! 2021 can't get here soon enough! :)


Comments (3)

  1. Corinn C:
    Dec 30, 2020 at 07:16 PM

    I love the option to donate good healthy food to people who can't afford it. I wonder if there is a local food shelf that would come and get food from you... or if you could deliver and they would accept it. If so, I think it would be awesome if you had a donation amount to add to our order. We would love to support you further to buy food from you to give to those in need. Just a thought! Thanks for all that you all do! We are still trying lots of new things and loving it!! Can't wait for the summer weekly produce too!!!

  2. Roberta R.:
    Feb 27, 2021 at 03:36 PM

    I would gladly click a box on my order form to "round up" my bill or add $x dollars to my bill to go towards packing a box(es) to provide healthy food to a local food shelf.

  3. Jack McCann:
    Feb 27, 2021 at 03:41 PM

    Thanks for the comments! Stay tuned, we have some ideas in the works... We understand that while the grocery brands we offer are usually less expensive than if our members purchased them in the grocery store, TC Farm meat and some of our produce are pretty special and it's a privilege for us to offer and enjoy them. We want everyone in our community to enjoy better and healthier food... thanks for offering to help... more soon!

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