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Several Different Kinds to Choose From!

Posted on Mar 03, 2023 by Annie Rowland

TC Farm has all sorts of holiday ham we offer our members. Whether you are looking for a traditional holiday ham - bone in or bone out - ham roasts with bones for soup or center cut ham steaks, we can help!

Holiday Ham

Bone-In Ham Roast

This is a super premium cut from the meatiest portion of ham, the sirloin end.

This ham roast is fully cooked, just warm and serve. Fantastic for a big family gathering!

Easy to carve into all boneless portions to slice or cube however you'd like.

You won't have much bone to make soup with, but you will have happy guests!

(weight range to expect is between 6 to 7 1/2 pounds)

Ham Roast - Bone-In

6.8 lbs avg

Box 1661

Sirloin end - super premium cut

One bone-in ham roast from the sirloin end (mostly meat, minimal bone)

Roasts are fully cooked, just warm and serve (weight range to expect is 6 - 7.8lbs)

Flat rate box, weights will vary

Holiday Ham - Boneless

Boneless - Traditional

Our boneless ham roast. Traditional. We've trimmed them to avoid gristle and just get you the highest quality boneless roast.

Pasture-raised pork, water and less than 2% of: sea salt, organic evaporated cane syrup, organic brown sugar, organic cinnamon, organic clove and celery juice powder

Ham Roast

3.4 lbs avg

Box 166

Delicious Ham Roast

  • One boneless ham roast. Sizes range from about 2.8 - 3.6 lbs 

we trimmed these to avoid gristle and get the highest quality ham roast.

This is a flat rate box, weights will vary

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Ham Steaks - Center Cut

A 3/4" to 1" thick-sliced ham steak out of the center of the ham.

This is a premium cut that is mostly meat with a small bone in the center.

You can warm quickly and serve it how it is, or slice into cubes quickly.

Ham Steaks - Center Cut

1.64 lbs avg

Box 1662

The best ham steaks!

One bone-in center cut ham steak, 3/4" - 1" thick.

Premium cut, minimal bone.

Flat rate box, weights will vary

Ham Roast - Bone-In Shank End

This isn't ham shanks - it is a traditional ham roast, but cut to include only the shank end.

Still quite meaty, but it includes enough bone for you to make a great soup the next day - Think of this as a traditional ham roast.

To cut after warming, slice off the boneless part of the roast and serve. Then save the bone with load of meat to cook with some beans or peas in a soup. Yum!

Ham Roast - Bone-In, Shank End

5.92 lbs avg

Box 1663

Ham roast with a bit more bone for soup!

One shank end ham roast, this has a bit more bone and makes a fantastic roast for a meal with the best bone to make soup out of after! 

Weight range to expect:  4.6 - 6.8 lbs.

Flat rate box weights will vary

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