Spring Planting Updates From The Farm

We've got great local produce coming your way!

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Annie Rowland

"And just like that, it's spring!" 

"It’s so nice to hear the birds while we’re outside working. It won’t be long before there will be full leaves on the trees such that we can hear them rustle in the wind!”


Read below for a spring update from our farmer Becca!

Learn more about what crops she's growing for TC Farm and see how she's been making the most of a late spring this season!

We've been busy in the high tunnels, greenhouse & fields! 

We triple crop many of our high tunnels (planting 3 crops each season), so after the spring greens follow the main season crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

In September we turn it around again to fall cold hardy greens.

Because of our late spring this year, some of the crops that should be harvested by now are still in the tunnel-so the main season crops have to share space with them!

You can see the cucumbers growing to the radish next to the lettuce.

Thankfully we’ll be able to harvest the greens soon so they don’t have to compete for nutrients and sunlight.

Getting the crew back together

Our whole crew is almost here!

We have Beni, Sergio, Cecy, Sonia, and Juan Francisco joining us for their second year working on our farm from Guanajato, Mexico. We’re so lucky to work with them.

Once Lee (who teaches high school chemistry) is done with school, our crew will be complete!

We will be seven people (including me, Becca).

Prepping the next round of crops

On deck to plant we have cabbage, kale, dill, peppers and zucchini.

They are currently hardening off, a process where we take them from their luxurious heated greenhouse and put them outside for a few hours at a time, working their way to 24/7 to acclimate before being planted.

If we don’t do this they have quite the transplant shock!

We’re eager for the ground to dry so we can get all the plants in at the right time.

We’ve already been in the fields planting tranplanting onions, herbs, and fennel.

More scenes from the farm...

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