Local Baby Ginger is Back!

We've got it back in stock, baby!

Posted on Oct 09, 2023 by Annie Rowland

Baby Ginger

We've got local baby ginger back in stock and available for your to add to your deliveries!

Locally and organically grown in Minnesota, we keep our baby ginger frozen and deliver it to you at peak freshness!

Keep it in the freezer, then simply cut bits off as needed or just grate the amount that you need!

No need to peel (but make sure to check for and wash off any bits of remaining dirt).

Add Baby Ginger to Your Next Delivery!

You won't regret having fresh ginger on hand over the winter!

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Frozen Baby Ginger

1 lbs avg

Box 805

Local and organic

Baby ginger grown organically in MN!   This stuff is so great - we keep it in the freezer and it doesn't even need to be peeled.  Just chop off how much you need for tea or a stir fry or any dish and leave the rest in the freezer.  

Do not fully thaw, just cut or grate frozen - if you thaw it is fine, but it will be watery, just use it as you normally would, no peeling though for baby ginger.

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