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Roast Brussels Sprouts on the Stalk

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, vegetarian, 01-18-2022

Sweet and simple, this recipe takes the intimidation out of roasting a stalk's worth of Brussels sprouts!

Pecan Pumpkin Sage Pasta

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: Recipes, newsletter, vegetarian, 01-18-2022, 03-29-2022

A quick seasonal pasta for any squash, but especially those seasonal heirloom pumpkins!

Chicken Piccata with Fried Capers

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, chicken, breast, video, newsletter, 12-14-2021, 01-18-2022

Great over pasta, rice, couscous or mashed potatoes. It is excellent served with spinach sautéed in olive oil and tossed with a little lemon juice. Get the recipe AND watch how it's made!

Rosemary, Olive and Lemon Chicken

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, whole chicken, chicken thigh, 01-18-2022, 02-08-2022

This is a simple one-pot meal you can make with any bone-in chicken. It doubles as a great dish for entertaining because it doesn't take long to cook, so you can do the work before your guests arrive and just take it out of the oven when its time to eat.