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May 16-18 Delivery

Local, spring produce is in full swing! Cilantro, mini romaine, spinach, bok choy and more in this week's shares!

May 9-11 Delivery

Enjoy the last of the local root veggies like chiogga beets, sweet potatoes, and red potatoes along with crisp apples, green onions, fava beans and local arugula!

May 2-4 Delivery

Cauliflower, fava beans, spring onions, greens, blueberries and so much more!

April 25-27 Delivery

Red potatoes, broccolini, shallots, heirloom navel oranges and more in this week's shares!

April 18-20 Delivery

A mix of local staples and fresh spring-y veggies and fruit like green leaf lettuce, cucumbers, and citrus

April 11-13 Delivery

First local spring radishes, over wintered staples like carrots, potatoes cabbage, potatoes and more!

April 4-6 Delivery

Local staples like carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes plus fresh greens, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and more!

March 28-30 Delivery

Local beautiful chiogga beets, watermelon radishes, sweet potatoes and carrots with green beans, herbs, and citrus in this week's shares.

March 21-23 Delivery

Local potatoes, kabocha squash, cipollini onions and more!

March 14-16 Delivery

Local cabbage, carrots, russet potatoes star alongside heirloom navel oranges, zucchini, garlic and more!

March 7-9 Delivery

Local sunchokes, carrots, onions along with in season citrus like tangelos, grapefruit and more in this weeks shares!

Febuary 28 - March 2 Delivery

Local parsnips, potatoes, onions and carrot plus green beans, mangos, oranges and more!

February 21-23 Delivery

Brussels, butter lettuce, shallots, heirloom navel oranges and more in this week's shares!

February 14-16 Delivery

Asparagus, green beans, romaine and more paired with local daikon radish, potatoes and carrots. Check out what else is in this week's shares.

February 7-9 Delivery

Hardy, local root veggies like red beets, purple turnips, potatoes, and carrots plus fresh greens, pears, apples and spaghetti squash in this weeks shares! Take a peek!